End of Nature

“Almost everyday, I hike up the hill out my back door. Within a hundred yards the woods swallow me up, and there is nothing to remind me of human society — no trash, no stumps, no fence, not even a real path. Looking out from the high places, you can’t see road or house; it is a world apart from man. But once in a while someone will be cutting wood farther down the valley, and the snarl of a chain saw will fill the woods. It is harder on those days to get caught up in the timeless meaning of the forest, for man is nearby. The sound of the chain saw doesn’t blot out all the noises of the forest or drive the animals away, but it does drive away the feeling that you are in another, separate, timeless, wild sphere.” Bill Mckibben, The End of Nature (1988) [Page 40.]

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