Stream bed

How ‘stream bed‘ might work theatrically. A very short one person one act play maybe with instrumentation (flute, drums) or other exterior effects.

First paragraph: something strange but understandable; second paragraph, something totally strange and incomprehensible; third paragraph: a return to the somewhat comprehensible from the outlandishly strange (so that the tension and release of the audience concerns whether or not this is going to be totally incomprehensible and how long it will last.)

To tell the actor(s): “You’re a voice in your head trying to speak to the you in your head who is capable of speech outside your head. The you who speaks is the audience of this voice in your head.”

To the flute player, the percussionist: “you floutist, you are not the water, you are the floutist walking down the street wondering how water may sound. You, drummer, are not the stone and not sounding like stones, you are not the sound the stone makes when the flute drops fall and plash upon you, you are the experimenter within yourself wondering as to the microscopic sound of stones as you walk down the busy street.”

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