James / The Wings of The Dove

Just a quick look at the repetitions of “everything” in Wings of the Dove (1, 329 pp.s) vol (2, 439, pp.s), which first caught my eye in a passage from volume one book two part three (“What has he done if no one can name it?” “He has done everything.” “Oh — everything! Everything’s nothing.” “Well then,” said Kate, “he has done some particular thing.) Everything goes on to be mentioned 191 times, and nothing 331. See also.

(In my copy, the first volume is 329 pages while the second is 439. The ratio of the former to the latter is about .75. Thus, if the words below were evenly distributed, you’d expect those also to have .75 ratio between the two volumes. That’s the fourth number, and it’s pretty close. Note that the -thing- number is not quite entirely reliable as it undoubtedly includes in its count –generated by Chrome’s ‘find’ function– words in it like mou-thing and ba-thing. However, if you assume every -thing- is a thing then there are 475 of them, that is, of things, once you subtract the everythings and nothings and somethings and anythings. That means the total of the everythings and nothings and somethings and anythings comes to an even one thousand.

-Thing-: 659/816 …. 1475…… (.8)

Everything: 91 /100……. 191….. (.9)

Nothing: 141 / 190…….. 331….. (.74)

Something: 100 /157….. 257…… (.63)

Anything: 100/ 121….. 221……… (.82)

(great thing) 6/8 ….. 14…….. (.75)

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