Beautiful, Wings of the Dove

Reading Wings of The Dove I find James having used the word beautifully (and related forms) quite a bit again. (In Golden Bowl (1904) the word occurred about 180 times, in Wings (1902) 150, in The Ambassadors (1903) more like 80…. Wow: could he have really written these books over three years? It appears so.) First number below is occurrences in first volume; second in the second; third is the total; in paren is the ratio of occurrences in the first volume (which is about 3/4ths the length of the second) to those of the second.

Beaut–: 67/ 83 ……… 150 (.8)

wonder–: 92 /124 ………. 216 (.74)

wondrous: 4 /4 ……….. 8 (1)

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