documenting documenting itself

So what is drawing if there’s nothing to be drawn, if there is no subject you are drawing? One person might draw from a model, and another from an image in his head, but you say you are not drawing from anything, so then, what are you drawing, what is it you say you are drawing?

I’m drawing the experience that occurs as one draws something: I’m drawing drawing itself.

That is… so you have the pen and you have the paper and you’re drawing, but you’re not drawing anything, what are you doing, what is the thing you’re drawing?

It doesn’t necessarily even have to do with drawing. It is the documenting of the attempt to experience that one is moving. In this case, one is moving to do something, one is moving to draw something, but it is really all moving. It simply happens to be the case that this moving is a documenting also … documenting itself. Documenting documenting itself.

(Explain more.)

You’re drawing what it feels like to be drawing….? You’re drawing what the hand tells you it’s doing and you feed that back to that hand as it does it? You’re ‘being there’: that’s all it is. That’s all it is — In the moment. You’ll next say, well, wasn’t Degas, wasn’t Vermeer, “in the moment”? I would say that I suppose that they were when they made what they made, but being in the moment wasn’t what they were drawing/ painting: it was what made them paint and draw as they did: with that degree of quality. For them, what they painted was important; for me how they were when they accomplished what they did is most important and is my subject.

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