environmentalism of the built environment

Idea (maybe not related to that article) – that the aim of the environmental movement is not to preserve nature, but, in some sense, to preserve naturalness?– (in this sense, an environmental and literary movement could be conceived as being aligned — they are aimed at a manner, rather than an end, that is natural — the natural perhaps better stood as a way of being, a manner we might have, rather than a “natural setting.”)

And this question: what if environmentalism were, above all, to involve individuals acting naturally? Such that environmentalism, rather than involving natural environments, became a sort of social question: people behaving naturally were also people behaving in an environmentally responsible way? Or even, a question of manners. (Perhaps: for people who make a study of the environment it does become a social question — but it is that study that is required.)

(We would probably argue the reverse: a person tossing his soda can into the trash receptacle instead of the recycling bin if the trash can was nearer would probably be the one acting more naturally. On the other hand, maybe it’s not the behavior that’s wrong: it is the soda can and trash receptacle that’s wrong. On the other hand again, how did he come to have the soda can? And still again: perhaps it is not having the can or putting it in the receptacle but the unnatural manner with which he took up this can and threw it away.)

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