Crane and Hemingway (Unterecker)

“Nevertheless, it is difficult to discover exactly what Crane’s reaction to war was. Certainly it was not the reaction of Ernest Hemingway — another young writer who was ultimately, for far different reasons, to prove a suicide, and who was born on the same day in the same year as Crane to a mother named Grace in Grace Crane’s home town. Hemingway, who suffered from defective eyesight (Crane did also), had moved heaven and earth to enlist in the war — and failing enlistment had settled for overseas duty with the Red Cross. ‘Delirious with excitement,’ he had marched down Fifth Avenue from Eighty-second Street to the Battery in an end-of-May parade that Crane might well have watched from the curb, his own contribution to the war effort in his pocket, a brand-new liberty bond.” (Voyager, John Unterecker, pp.108)

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