June: The Month of Balzac

… But the main thing for June is to attack a la Balzac and be serious. (Not to attack Balzack but to attack a la Balzac!)/ June is named The Month of Balzac for the extraordinary industry that will brought to bear during that month (Balzac, it is said, having been a person of the most extraordinary industry himself)….

In fact, when June faces the Hammers and Furnaces of The Month of Balzac; when June faces that welter of winches, that terror of tilt walls, with its pistons and jets, with its suffocating aromas of weldments and glues, there may not be much of June left, we must sadly report: a blasted fragment of a corner of a calendar day will be what’s left of that formerly erstwhile month known as June.

(That calendar as if put through a calender will be what’s left of what was known of that month; wisp of a shadow of a cloud that had appeared on one of the days of that month, is all that will remain of that month.) June may yet emerge from beneath the magma waves of the Month of Balzac, it is thought, but it will be a changed, a haggard and a molten month; it will have days filled with gaping holes, be an airless space, the days will be like rags upon the light, it will be a fetid asteroid field where once existed Planet Month, a noman’s land of an entire twelfth of our time, cratered, strewn with barbed wire air!

These assuredly will be the tragic consequences when we bring to bear the Industry of Balzac upon that slurry pit which will soon be formerly known as June (a great pit of coal ash now will it be, positioned adjacent to the brilliant solar mountain of July, Mont July, we shall call it! A tremendous shining summit! What a month shall be July, when after all our labor we found ourselves upon the mountain!) From every pore of my body I do espy a grimy smoking gas, delicious exhaust of the Month of Balzac, this is how much labor I can feel myself putting forward!

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