The Ghost Girls

The story I told was the one about the Ghost Girls. I never told you about the Ghost Girls? Oh Yeah! So I was on this job and every day on my way to get to the place I had to pass this wood fence along the backs of these condos, maybe four or five condos, nice places, a high wood gate in the fence for each. And there was this one gate in the fence that I noticed was unlatched and a little ajar, and every time I passed it, it creaked. Every single time I passed it it creaked, so I thought, what is it with this?

I passed it during the day when I went to the job and passed it again when I got off at night. (That bus stop is the only one for miles that’ll take you to the — but nevermind.) So anyways this gate in the fence to the backyard of this nice house, this better than middle class condo, always creaked a little, and more and more each day it started to sound to me a little like a voice, like a person’s voice. I could not in a lifetime describe this to you: A little less like a creak and more like a voice. It was still definitely a creaking noise, you know, but then I would say to myself, is that someone talking to me or something? Should I stop?

Then (with the days passing, the job proceeding) I started thinking like I was actually understanding the voice, like I was hearing an actual word in the voice, which was really creeping me out. I mean, it was just a gate, but it was saying things like, Can we come out? Will you let us out? It was creepy as hell, oh yeah! really — creepy! but I just thought I was losing my mind, flashbacks or whatever. Anyway, it didn’t happen like that every day.

Well, one day toward the end of the job, I’d had a few (I mean: a few more than usual know what I mean, pops?) and I was like — this –, and just opened the gate. I thought it was there but it wasn’t so — it. Only it was there, man, oh yeah! it was really there! The circle, the little girls, the little girls who wouldn’t come out! who they hadn’t let out! I mean ever! It was all really there! Oh — !

Then I was running and running and the whole time I felt these claws at my back and I felt this awful cold and I left all my tools, and I felt scared man, I felt really — scared. And I am a pretty tough guy, you know?

Anyway, who — cares. But that is why I jumped when that drain was gurgling earlier. Cause I can hear it in everything now some days. In these — tools, for example, oh yeah, I can hear the ghost girls.

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