Ngrams: creepy,creeped out, et al.

ngrams viewer: creeped out ; creeped out, creeps me out, creeped me out ; creepy, spooky ; creepy, spooky, scary ; creepy , spooky, scary, weird ; creepy, spooky, scary, weird, bizarre ; creepy, spooky, scary,weird, bizarre, strange; creepy man, creepy woman, creepy dude, creepy person (Maybe interesting, ngrams returns no results for creepy animals of various sorts. Creepy spider ; creepy spider, creepy insect; creepy spider, creepy insect, creepy bug. creepy, creeped out).

WOW: creepy guy is way more popular than creepy man and creepy dude: creepy dude,creepy guy,creepy man. Creepy gal ‘is not found’ but creepy boy is: creepy boy,creepy man.

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