Tables with legs in the air

An interesting insight of Matisse found in Danchev’s Cezanne, a Life:

“The life of the artist is often a trial to the wife of the artist as Matisse himself remarked: ‘As for me, I remain an old fool, as Madame Paul Cezanne called her husband. They tell me that Madame Pissarro said the same of her husband. These women of humble origins had served their husbands according to their lights, judging their heroes as if they were simple carpenters who had taken it into their heads to make tables with legs in the air.’ Matisse was right. Even the humble and colossal Pissarro was accused of being a pie-in-the-sky fantasist by the long-suffering stout-hearted Julie. Hortense was in good company, company not confined to women of humble origins.“

Nora Barnacle, maybe, of a similar stripe.

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