A pile contained within a third of the circular table surface, surface covered with a checkered table cloth, white and light blue squares predominant. Cerulean central flowers in glass jar — green in the glass of stems half cut by water.

A lone advertisement in third adjacent and to the right of the third that contains the pile (magazine offer); a todo list written on the back of an envelope in the third adjacent and to the right of that one (“store, laundry, Dad”); two pencils around, both short, one a pale yellow and the other a US flag, its likeness, wrapped around the pencil.

The bulk of the pile being comprised of refrigerator magnets (exterior of refrigerator surface having been cleaned) — Cairo, Amsterdam, Iceland, a figure of a gnome, a figure of two cats, a bottle opener that says “Vatican”, largest the circular blue Obama/ Biden and assorted post cards [e.g., from Greece, the Lion’s Gate] and pictures [E.g., woman holding child in arms, evincing pleasure]; the pile, at its highest point, about three inches above table level; in width, the radius of the table minus two inches; the light over it, that of the middle of a gray spring morning.

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