A Mere Phylum of the Kingdom of Spills (Tyrannosaurus Smudge w/ Triceraspots)

(A taxonomy of stains and spills is conceived — though probably Stains are to be considered a mere phylum of the Kingdom of Spills, as they are nothing but Dried Spills.)

(Name for a band: Kingdom of Spills)

A veritable Linnaeus of splashes and squirts, a Novum Organon of overflows and overruns ; of unwelcome dry and wet discharges of all sorts… Of splotches, of blotches, of smudges, of smears…

Outline of the motions of the wet towel, dried now, on the fridge door — on the counter top, on the door of the milk fridge;– phantom towels;– the fossil footprints of former wipes and former wiping motions — Tyrannosaurus Smudge (another band name) and “Tricerospots” (opening for Smudge) and other such fossils……..Chance Sweepings]

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