Taikonaught Wynd: meaningless but evocative.

Thought I would put this “out there”, another thrown-together site of mine — Taikonaught Wynd. It is a sort of link blog which offers up a more or less random grouping of lexical, etymological and encyclopedic items for review, updated every other day or so. A typical post looks like this:

Madrepore. The Black Pirate. veria. foules solitaires.

Basically, every time I look something up in Wikipedia, Google Translate, or the like, I bookmark it, create a link to it, place it in a group with other such links, then program it to appear on Taikonaut Wynd. I personally use the site for review (sometimes the items that appear are quite basic) while someone else might find it an interesting source of random concepts — like Madrepore.

Warning: my irregular uses of punctuation and capitalization are especially in evidence on this site. Title comes from a random pairing of two of my looked up words: taikonaut (a Chinese astronaut) and wynd, a narrow road between houses. Meaningless, but potentially evocative.

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