Had forgotten to mention this band name to interested parties — foulkerchief — portmanteau of ‘foul’ and ‘handkerchief’ (with alternate spelling foulkerkiech). For one your less popular bands probably.


Potentially disorienting question occurred to me while watching Hidden Fortress the other night– the ‘rebels’ of Star Wars — are these CSA confederates? Is Abe Lincoln, Dark Lord? Yoda, Stonewall Jackson? Why hadn’t I thought of this before? For some reason the rebels of Star Wars have been entirely detached from those other rebels that are foremost in my consciousness until now.

Idea too — that liberal-conservative split is a thing of the past in American politics and so what we have now is a conservative-populist split — with, however, the difference that this new conservatism is actually comprised of policies that were once considered liberal: toward high-tax, high service, Scandanavian-style states; while populism directs toward autocratic, oligarchic Russia-style states.

(Related or implied idea that what was once considered conservative in U.S. politics, namely, limited government, is no longer a viable political philosophy and probably hasn’t been for some time.)

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