Having forgotten what I was doing in the process of doing it

So I stood there in front of the cups, arm raised as if to grab a cup but utterly paralyzed for a surprising amount of time, unable even to ask them if they would repeat their orders. Then I don’t know what happened, but my head somewhat dipped, like an interior strut had been snapped, and I began to remember what they had said with extreme vividness, actually hearing the raspiness of the voice of the first customer express the first order, and the nasalness of the voice of the second customer as she expressed her order; so it was not by directly remembering their orders, but by replaying in memory the experience of having heard them at the register, that I was able to recall what the two orders had been (Iced chai, iced vanilla latte) then quickly extended my reach to grab two medium, cold-beverage cups.

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