a sharp knife, a bottle cap, a cork, a wrapper for some cheese, a box of crackers, a bottle of soda, a cylindrical plastic carton of hummus, a mug

celebrating 33rd wedding anniversary, reading about Carbon, visiting a liberty ship, thinking of wearing “triple socks” after the failure of “double socks”, attempting to put to use his new non-inflatable basketball. Age of the earth wondered about

Find disagreeable the word butt or buttocks, which latter sounds like cassocks or mattocks –these are “the cowl of the anatomical person” is thought. (Thought is “cowl.”) “Our true person is not in the mind but in our center of balance” is thought also on this date.

The thruster of NASA; those are the balls of my feet! NASA, Hephaistos and Newton are all in adjoining chambers of my feet, my metatarsuses, metatarsi, the “footbutkids”, the bighorned rams, with other friends

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