Indian — kitten, bear’s ears

Wondering if there is name for when words in a poem intermingle visual and auditory rhyming –sometimes attracted to each other by appearance and other times by sound.

Having articulated that I am suddenly unsure what I mean, but am thinking of Marianne Moore’s lists again. For instance, this line:

Bows, arrows, oars, and paddles

Filled with a’s and o’s which seemed to go together visually in a way different from how their sounds combine. Or here:

Indian paint-brushes, bear’s ears and kittentails

How the –ia in “Indian” goes visually with the rhyming –ai‘s of “paint” and “tails”, while the –ear of “bear’s” goes with the —ear of “ears.” And the -i and -en sounds of “kitten” goes with those of “Indian.”

For me it’s these sort of things that are of central interest in the poem.

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