Lady Bellaston. Jones having given away a sum he had just borrowed to a family in need. Jones having given away a sum he had just been lent by a woman who’d wished to lay claim to his affection. The couple Jones had helped being a couple who had married for love, who were now in poverty. The husband of the couple he had helped turning out to be the “highwayman” he had previously helped.

Desenganarse(maybe) “don’t fool yourself.” The feeling of having one’s book, paper and pen around one, amphitheater of book-paper-pen around one; and of having one’s reading from the book and of having one’s taking up of the pen and of having one’s writing with the pen and having one’s writing with one’s pen on the paper (the “seismograph” creeping up); and of one’s having it probably in mind what to write again even, yet of not doing it or not quite doing so —

Feeling of one not quite or of not quite entirely feeling one is “studying”, for instance, to call it that “studying” (though we ought to check the etymology there). And it is not “studying” that is felt to be important or the feeling of it that is important or that the feeling of doing it is, though it may be all or one of those things that is important, but that actually doing what one is doing is important, is an idea that will recur to one; that what they call concentration is an idea that is said to be important, will recur to one also; and as dubious as the benefits of concentration will seem the demerits of distraction are really quite vivid to one, one thinks, (distraction seems closer to gambling than concentration, and only via this Gambling of Distraction might there arise some truly unprecedented “good luck” to reward ones attention, each glance away from ones book like a lottery ticket purchase of a sort, is an idea that recurs, –that must be the logic behind distraction, the idea that one might get lucky, the idea one might have “good instincts.”)

yet one is not quite doing it, one has not yet quite even engaged with the fact that one is not yet even remotely aware of not doing it, but is only about to be about to realize this; one is only on the verge of realizing that one will never get farther than the verge of realizing that one is incapable of concentrating, maybe now, maybe ever, and yet still one has to sit with one’s pen and one’s paper and book — one still has to be watched by the amphitheater. (The audience awaits but what is the action, there is none.)

Piketty. global population growth has spiked, global per capital output has spiked — these are not necessarily related, but it essentially seems as though we can expect a return to the historical norm of slow growth… Inflation largely a post WWI phenomenon.

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