Items near cat-hair covered sweat shirt

From left to right: pink rubber cat comb shaped like an upright seated cat as seen from the front (the rubber spiked back of this rubber cat to go against that of the old but living one); bottom half of it seen through a curved tumbler perhaps a fifth full of water, its transparence marred in points by drops of water clinging to its side and reflected light.

Within the refractive circle of the water surface is visible a semi-circumference of the vessel’s base.

Book, right side up, (Anne Boyer’s The Undying) with cover concealed by a book, downside up, Complete Poems of William Blake, the white of its barcode oddly salient against the dirty white or tan of its background. The spine of Blake’s Complete meets the bottom edge of Wallace Stevens’ Complete — his photograph in a suit there. That hard bound book partially covered by a sky blue paperback that contains criticism of the poems it rests on, and is upside down, splayed open, itself largely concealed beneath the closed Campaigns of Napoleon.

The dark green dust jacket of The Campaigns, with an eagle emblem on it, lifted to reveal a half inch sliver of the cover beneath, a similar dark blue sliver of Stevens’ Complete visible at the bottom edge of its pale dust jacket. The cat comb, the water glass, The Undying, and the Blake, all resting on a cat-hair-covered sweatshirt, tossed on that spot some while ago, one involuted arm of it rising in a mound of blue cloth by The Campaigns.

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