In which a defiant cry is heard

Submission? What do you mean ‘submission”? Submit my materials? my work? these reports? You want me to throw down my arms, throw up these other arms, and “submit”?

Alright, very well, I submit. I submit to you that I shall never submit! I submit that I shall never give in, never give up, never hand out, never send forth! That I shall unrelentingly beat whatever would have me submit until it submits, is what I submit!

I am indeed surprised by you all, who at the sound of the first shot, so to speak, will surrender and throw up your arms. Okay, okay, you’ve got me, they say.

No, no, my dear friends, I shall remain quite comfortable here, I assure you. Molwn labe, molwn labe! is my cry. That’s what I’ll tell you, folding these arms.

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