Letting go of sock

It appears I woke up, took off one of my socks, and fell asleep before letting go of it. Had I removed the other one, the other sock? (No, I had only removed the one sock) Had I removed my pants? (No, I hadn’t removed my pants yet, I was still wearing pants in bed.) Well, what was your posture like? How to describe my posture — well my posture was just as if you had frozen a man solid while was he was standing upright while holding a paper to his side (because I had thought at first that it was not a sock, that it was a paper) — either frozen a man solid or just made a statue of a figure like that, then had laid that standing man or figure down on his back. That was approximately how I was situated, only not holding a paper, holding a sock — and with a blanket thrown over the “frozen man.” Just as the painters of certain periods, I further elaborate, (I couldn’t recall which painters at the time that I first made this comparison) would portray children as “little adults”, so was my prone sleeping posture merely a form of “horizontal standing”, was how I put it to myself at the time. (I then started making even less sense than this and I called my lying down “old standing” — unable, though, to decide whether it was really old or young standing, or really really young standing, as in infantile.)

I hadn’t yet removed my pants. I had yet to remove my right sock. Had I fallen asleep having removed the sock? Did the sock really feel like a sheet of paper? (– it didn’t, not any longer.) The blanket over the hand that held the sock but not over the foot from which the sock had not been removed — over the foot that still had its sock…. Legs, still in trousers under blankets getting hot…. Words from different languages occurring to me…. Voices saying, get a drink, use the bathroom, get up! Voices saying: need to remove pants. Need to let go of sock. Let go of sock! Need to let go of sock! in different languages, probably not real languages. Thinking ideas not generally put into languages, such as “I am standing: but my feet are my body and I am my ankle” before drifting off again, letting go of sock.

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