More crumbs tapped from the pan of Chance Sweepings . . .

Customer showed attendant pictures of cruise to Panama. Customer showed attendant pictures of recent family cruise. Customer showed attendant pictures from trip to Greece. Customer showed tendentious “funny” political youtube … a youtube of an incredible soccer goal … a video of hilarious saturday night live sketch… showed him latest jokey internet meme. Customer showed picture of her walking, picture of her running, picture of her resting, picture of her hilariously collapsing after having run; picture of her meal, of her meal with friends, of her alone at the empty table afterwards. Customer wanted to show video of Abiy Ahmed doing pushups. Attendant shown beautiful pictures of native Morrocco and Tunisia, of the mosques and fruit trees of the horn of Africa. Attendant shown “portrait of a customer as a young man.” Attendant shown live eagle nest cam. (Seeing what the eaglets were doing.)

Yes, attendant did have copy of Whitney Huston holiday album, he said. Tig was name of the pit-mix dog of the gal. Zero was name of the cat of Tony’s that had been struck by a car and lived. Will had been the name of the young man of yesterday who saw a future in hyperbaric medicine. “Maybe a version that could travel with sports teams.” Brian in Charleston this weekend, Nancy in Chicago next weekend — Rick, Margo, & Max. Shared with Max my theory that when people say they’ll see you “tomorrow” you never actually see them the next day. You may see them soon –and if they say they’ll see you soon you may in fact see them tomorrow— but you won’t see them tomorrow if that’s when they say they’ll see you. (It may even be a certain type of person’s polite way of saying that you should probably not expect to see them too soon.) Cheerful teenage gal with Giant shirt who apologized for the happy cartoon figure on her credit card, which she figured I was mystified by (– I was actually looking for the chip); said she had chosen it when she was “much younger.” Cute happy teenage girl working at Giant: small mocha blended coffee drink with whipped cream.

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