Philogelos 145

εὐτραπελος κάπελος εὐρών ταξεώτην ἐπὶ τῇ γυναικὶ αὺτου εἶπεν· εὗρον ὅ οὐκ ἐζήτουν.

The jesting peddler finding a cop with his wife said — I found what I was not seeking. 

εὐτραπελος: tricky jesting ready with an answer. κάπελος: hawker, peddler, publican. ταξεώτην: officer of a magistrate. This translation has “I found what I was not bargaining for” as the punchline, which makes sense of the fact that the jester is called a merchant. Still puzzling why it’s a court officer with the jester’s wife.

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