Space. Space between the bumpers of cars. Space as the gaps between customers in memory. Time as that which occurs between the appearance of customers. (Customers don’t occur in Time and Space, but exist as the always moving borders of Time and Space. Nothing can be said to occur which does occur in between the appearance of customers.)

Take the filter out and put it back. Walk to where the rag is and stop, then walk back to the filter and have a look. Check the fridge and its handle. Look out over the room to the sugars. Pull out this fridge and clean what’s in back of it (how did that thing get in back of it)

Customer with difficulty filing for disability. Customer thinking the county needs more playing fields, needs more open land for the kids. Customer added to her purchase to accommodate the three dollar minimum. Customer ordered medium chai latte with extra hot soy and a cookie. Customer carried a text book, thick but with a soft cover: with fluorescent pink and lime green post-it notes protruding from two of its edges.

Woman from the hair salon remarked that that was her bus that just came, so that the server, spurred to activity, whipped down a sheet of sandwich paper and found instead he’d grabbed three.

“Cold today,” customer said. “but it’s gotten warmer,” server said. “Yes it has gotten warmer,” customer said. “What does It’d mean,” customer asked. “How do you spell it?” “I — T — apostrophe — D… I never seen that before.” “Oh, it means ‘It had’ or ‘it would’ I think.” “Sounds like it’s from the streets.” “You don’t hear it a lot, I guess, but it’s like ‘he’d’ or ‘they’d.'”

(Chance Sweepings….)

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