–Attire note. sentimental education bk1

–Attire note. Like Miller’s Crossing and Against the Day, hats are a recurring theme of Sentimental Education of which a glimpse is to be found in that passage also.[1.4.39].) Dress hems and white cravates are two more frequently mentioned garments.)

–at Pellerin’s, one is presented with *two* paintings…. Other rooms that have so far had paintings (tableaux): the Arnoux store, and the office above it…

–I find it difficult to say if Frederic’s admiration of Pellerin’s paintings is sincere, or how to qualify his admiration. The general idea seems to be that Pellerin exhibited promise as an artist but was lead astray by thoughts of grandeur (not of his own grandeur, but of the grandeur of things). In this age, great things can’t get beyond the starting of them.

–having trouble for a couple reasons visualizing the lay out of the apartments above Arnoux’s shop. First Flaubert never mentions the three windows that are seen from outside the shop in his description of the interior of upstairs floor. Indeed, he mentions only window looking out on a courtyard. Second, as described here, Flaubert seems dramatically to require that there be two street entrances to the apartment when he has told us only of one… But I don’t think any of these descriptions exclude the possibility of the others, he leaves much of the upstairs undescribed.

–Is it important in some way that, from the outside, the upstairs is characterized by these three lighted windows while, when inside the upstairs room, one see only a small window, giving out on the courtyard?

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