Cezanne’s Finances

To add to my notes about artists and their finances…. Danchev deals most directly with Cezanne’s in the wonderful epilogue to his biography (360-361), but in general characterizes Cezanne as a man of simple tastes, conservative with money.

Doesn’t seem to have had to work at any point in his life, although he did have to implore friends like Zola for loans occasionally — was supported through substantial allowance from his wealthy father, then an inheritance.

(Father began in hat trade, but made his fortune banking. Hats relied on rabbit farms — he had started his financial career by loaning money to rabbit farmers. Something like this.)

This isn’t made explicit, but real money from paintings seems to have come only near the end.

…Cezanne only really felt financially free after he’d received his inheritance, according to Danchev –in his 40s. Meanwhile his son sold all the paintings he came to inherit for well below what they were worth.

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