Great News! (a dream)

Dream: great news, Eritrea had been liberated! Eritrea was free! Now only the exciting challenges of self-governance remained for the long suffering peoples of Eritrea!

Bad news: the shop was full of birds, birds of all kinds — eagles, hawks, owls, flamingoes. When I went to close the window through which these were all coming, here was a whole flock of sparrows making an arrival, which scared me a little — with their speed, with how many they were, with the military tightness of their formation.

(Meaning of this was pretty easy to discern: so as to improve ventilation in the store, I’d opened the back windows the previous day. These windows are unscreened, so –though it was a cold day– there was a risk of unwanted animal life coming in — as had happened this summer when the air conditioner blew out.)

Dreams galore at Chance Sweepings.

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