(Faulkner with rather a few negative comments about the automobile it occurs to me. Beside the preceding (1935), there is the one from A Fable (1954) quoted in Isola di Rifuti and there is one from Intruder in the Dust (1948) which I can’t find to peel from my stacks and quote from at the moment. Undoubtedly more. Colonel Sartoris’ automobile (1929) was kind of a big deal if I recall….The Reivers… Undoubtedly multiple papers about this…. in fact, just this one, William Faulkner On The Automobile As Socio-Sexual Symbol –which sounds as if it might focus on the Intruder passage– offers in just the preview a few citations from other works that concern this and incidentally makes me want to read Requiem For A Nun, which has so far eluded me.)

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