Pedestrian drumming soda can with fingers. Thumb and fourth finger of right hand on either side of the can top’s diameter, gripping; intervening fingers drumming on front lip (second, middle, second middle), whole can held at about waist height by a slack arm. “No sipping as he passed.”

The paper that slipped from the standing customer’s hands gave him multiple opportunities to snatch it back before it fell to the ground, where he picked it up: customer reached for it (and it slid to the side in the air, almost pendular); customer reached for it (and it bent backwards and down); customer reached for it (but it was now too low: he had the right x but wrong y); so it landed on the floor where the customer would have to stoop to pick it up (though he was by that time already almost all the way stooped.)


(Dissections of minutiae galore at Chance Sweepings…)

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