Old Posts: Concordances

I don’t know how to explain my penchant for making these things, which computers render mainly irrelevant, and which never turn up what I imagine they might, but I believe the fury has finally been exhausted. My most popular concordance here is Hats in Against The Day; my most extensive was PLANTS (now reduced to include just the plants of Shakespeare); and a couple I just kind of liked were Hands in Winesburg, Ohio and money in To Have and Have Not (the film.)


Brave in Tempest; Chicken in Brother’s K.; ambiguities in “Pierre; or, The Ambiguities”; Plants in Horace’s Odes; A Partial Concordance of Sorrentino’s Strange Commonplace. **Eye in cyclops chapter of Ulysses; ‘The Fear’ in letters to Milena; Red, White and Purple in Venus and Adonis; ‘Nothing’ in King Lear; ‘Honesty’ in Othello; ‘beautiful’ in golden bowl; Invisibility/ Visibility in Mason & Dixon; Invisibility/ Visibility in Against The Day; Hats — Against The Day; lane outside the house/ Late Spring; Pairs in Late Spring / Late Spring; Kanagawa and Japanese locations/ Late Spring, to have and have not — specific dollar amounts mentioned; Jackie Brown/ interracial relations, children and violence in kill bill vol.I; Plants in the Song of Roland; ‘Pluck’ in Measure for Measure; Good Old Neon, Plants in Wasps; Hands in Winesburg; clothing in Hamlet, Everything, anything, something and nothing in The Wings of a Dove,”Beautiful“, Wings of a Dove, Lists in Marianne Moore’s An Octopus, Plants, Animals, Minerals in An Octopus, An Octopus: Water & Ice,

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