OLD POSTS: WRITING and odd ideas

[Still taking inventory…]. In some sense, everything I’ve done on this blog has been an effort to write and to learn how to write, only I have disastrously misunderstood the whole project; so that an actual writer might well look here and be startled to learn that this supposedly had something to do with their field. “Building concordances… to learn how to write? Memorizing An Octopus… to learn how to write? No my dear sir, it is something else you’ve been after […]!”

The posts below are “original writing” which I initially divided into “Odd Ideas” (amateur philosophizing and pedantry), and Writing that was more of a fictional or diaristic sort — but in fact they can blend together. A good example of a fairly reasonable idea –that “repetitions” might be used to discern or define literary works– (Maybe the repetitions of personal, literary, commercial and business publications meaningfully differ?) — can be seen in the post questions for statisticians, while examples of legitimately odd ideas include: that corporations are our bodies (the idea that individuals are souls and legal entities are bodies) & Nauscopie of writing (the idea that I can discern good from bad writing without reading, merely by seeing their configuration on the page).

Examples of “Writing” I thought were successful include: Am I in Ancient Greece? a recent effort; Chained-up paddle boats, which I believe does wobble home, if you can get past initial obscurities; and Exercise in Inframince, dry but clear (its will-to-crispness, alas, yet flagging in spots.)

Odd Ideas & Original Writing

corporations are our bodies; If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem, Milena and the Burrow; respice finem, Tolstoy, Wallace; factual error in Kafka’s Blue Octavo notebooks; complete account of K; In each play with a character named Burgundy, there is also a mention of the plant darnel.About the repetitions of “A Strange Commonplace”; What might it mean that “your body is inside you.” The Meteoric Rise of ‘Robust’ Postnatural / POPE, Montaigne, Nietzsche note * ;Fossils, fossilized memories, and “Eternal Return”; Free speech possible without “dialectic”?nEvolution of footnotes in fiction? Sureealism and the everyday, Twain and Hejinian; Ashbery and Herzog; How do we win at Centipede when we’re Frogger?, Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence: Boundless Prometheus, nauscopie & phase shift, *; Big Sleep/ Maltese, Obergefell: a “reverse Dred Scott”? Epiphany and the Will-less Subject; occupy wall street, the philosopher king ; climate change a technology problem not religion problem ; Writers’ Habits of Spending; Robert Creeley: A Piece ; dts, passive subject, epiphany ; Actually Crying with Boredom/ mission haiku, Fraudulence Paradox & Binging, “PHASE Shift“, diary, epiphany, fiction, scholastic, Flaubert and Dylan [Trump and Dylan], The Feeling of Thinking One Knows, Polka Dot Scarf, Tamarisk in Enquiry Into Plants, Theophrastus (i), In order to turn (the play) Agamemnon into (the poem) An Octopus, what would you need to do? Being Struck by a Wall, Preferred participants of this blog, Forever Overhead ending (a few of his short stories a bit like that), THIS IS NOT A NOVEL /SPREADSHEET, Anadiplosis, Quotation marks in An Octopus vs. those in Herzog, Cezanne’s Finances, metaphysical foundation for real world prohibition? (Deuteronomy) ,Infinite Jest on Reddit, Did chapters with the same name in Strange Commonplace (Sorrentino) share thematic elements in a way that chapters with different names didn’t? (Not that I could see.) “Major de Spain, General d’Espagne”, Heraclitus, fire, Good Man Is Hard To Find: Flannery O’Connor, Bob Wills ??? Cotton Fields. Taco — Tache — Tack. [I guess the question I meant to articulate here was: might a poem rhyme one way phonetically –in terms of its sounds– and another way literally — in terms of its letters and spelling, how it looks.] Random Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence: “boundless Prometheus”, Altars beyond words (like doctors without borders?) analyzing sounds in An Octopus, Glass that bends, Art & The Insurance Industry, Recycling — satan’s frozen tears returned to satan’s frozen tear ducts, “Erase” and “raze” related, Every single story had the word bird in it, for some reasonActual Reading Time vs. Fictional Thinking Time; Responses to the question, “Why can’t I catch a break”? In which I find a dirty shirt after having started the machine already, Rheotaxis in Hemingway, War’s where! Which war? The Twwinns, Researched & Unresearched Artwork, Heller, Nightmare Town, Dylan’s Chronicles, Caesar’s Gallic Wars, Difficulty of style of Henry James. Freedom of Speech in Ancient Athens, Is biographical information about Joyce and the critical apparatus surrounding his work a supplement to, or essential structural element of, his work. Joseph Conrad’s conservative political views, Memorizing An Octopus,

(this), questions for statisticians, *, modernist platonic dialogues, *Signifying NothingRussian Christ***, altars beyond words, pains, [***] voodoo doll of brain, aprender*; The “BEINGONAUGHT”, Dreams are the exercise of biology, Unprofitable Servants*******Hejinian, Blood Meridian / Moby Dick, Dylan and Trump* , *, Unnopenessee*, *Iago from James, WALK, language, *, Unnopenessee, * , Drafts of a Haiku (3rd is best), translatingUnnopenessee, poem, Knowing all nouns, *, Experimenter of Life, Patience vs. ‘Mindfulness’, Inventions, revise a little, a pile, Chance Sweepings: coffee table version, The Shoulder of The Jogger revise, Tracing Pencil/Exercise in Inframince, Outside the K-1 (poem), The Senselessness of Me Turning My Neck, ROGER, revise and put in 1st person (o — oo– or), (concept poem) That song we love: a Hymn to Virtue. Desenganarse,  Magma Square – 3, Anthony, Humatum, Trying to get out the door then actually doing so, SUMMS, Items near cat-hair covered sweat shirt, Brown broken down cardboard box, I had lead the thread of the red back and forth across the bread, needs revision black wagon, Letting go of sock, Chained up paddle boats for tourists, Waterpot, familiar pattern of a capital letter ‘T’, Displeasing stack, Am I in Ancient Greece? <Burg’s Steps>, Literaria Deformis: a history of my terrible writing.

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