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Invisibility/ Visibility in Against The Day

May 29, 2013

BOOK 1– Familiarity ‘”rendered it temporarily invisible,'” 4; “a speed which […] made it nearly invisible” 8; “Potent though invisible Commandant of Earthly Days” 17; invisible voice, 18; no cards visible, vanished into a dimension “well beyond the third” 23; invisible desk, 39; catwalks not visible from streets, 40; Lew’s “keen sympathy for the invisible” 43; “invisibility was a sacred condition” 43;”Not exactly invisibility. Excursion” 44; unlimited visibility, 52; spectators invisible and silent, 53; invisible edge, 54; invisible Hawk, 55; intervals of invisibility, 61; “‘it went where Blinky was when he was invisible'” 62; “‘Blinky emerged from invisibility'” 62; image from pale Invisible, 64; sparks visible, 70; invisible force, 75; invisible border into New Mexico, 82; became routine and all but invisible, 92; invisible ink, 92; trick hat and duster that would make him invisible, 94; Webb who rode by night, invisible, 94; window to the Invisible, 99; invisible distance, 106; to rejoin the Invisible, 108; visible trail, 112; points invisible but present, 112;

BOOK II– spectra visible and invisible, 122; green ice nearly invisible, 127; visibly haunted, 132; the sun might be visible, 134; invisible receptions 135; failing by a visible margin to be green, 137; frame of visibility, 141; “whatever it was, it was invisible”, 142; “being invisible, so we thought, was the same as being safe, invisible amid all these impersonal momenta of the Commercial”, 144; invisible ruler, enforcer of pre-human laws, 150; visible object, 151; invisible realm, 153; receeding into the invisible, 163; semi-visible towers of New York, 164; passage through an invisible gate, 164; invisible taking on substance, 164; the invisible ‘big house’, 165; “the far invisible”, 165; invisible threats to white intrusion, 165; faintly visible, 168; legion of invisible on one side of the account book, 176; invisible command, 177; invisible forces, 177; visibly soaking the speaker’s hood, 179; perfectly visible inhabitants, 183; “‘a silence as daunting as their near invisibility intensifies our challenge”, 223; unbearably visible, 233; mews invisible from the street, 234; invisible room full of laughter, 242; invisible levels “above”, 245; “whom could we even ask, when they’re all so invisible?” 246; demands on time and visibility, 248; invisible or imaginary shapes, 249; redeemed from the invisible, 249; “invisible” lines and surfaces, 250; invisible river of time, 252; tourist images scarcely visible, 256; hoarse cry from the invisibility, 256; visibly out of plumb, 256; ringing inside Lake, invisible in the night, 262; all-but-invisible shadow, 262; pulse in her neck leapt into visibility, 263; prim to the point of invisibility, 266; steeple visible for miles, 266; invisible edge of unknown length, 267; unlucky enough to be visible, 282; high passes more invisible than not, 287; “What about… invisible?” 289; moving through the fulgurescence invisibly, 293; edges of the visible, 297; invisible trapdoor, 301; invisible air, 302; invisible new waves, 318; visible privilege, 319; when visibility permitted, 322; the Invisible of geography, 327; Mock Duck’s boys had gone all invisible, 339; workers passing invisibly, 346; all but invisibly taking care of chores, 353; unknown and invisible others, 361; agents on behalf of invisible forces, 362; ||| invisible sentinels, 368; pricklings of the Invisible, 369; sounds from invisible parts of the city, 376; invisible behind a screen of cactus, 378; visible circumference, 392; invisible beating heart, 394; an almost invisible fork, 394; invisible except for a scattering of bluish electric lights, 401; visible numerals, 402; invisible flow which perhaps was only wind, 403; over the edge of the visible world, 404; “…When the visibility’s not too good,” 404; “as if he had somehow chosen to become only invisible,” 411; tallest structure visible, 413; visible veneer of disuse, 414; “I may have been invisible to them at first” 417; invisible narrative, 418;

BOOK III — a voice whose source was no more visible, 432; smeared boundaries of the visible, 434; partly visible document, 437; “they actually become invisible” 437; visible only at intervals, 437; invisible attackers, 444; invisible sphere of force, 447; fraction of life just past visibility, 461; the Union had gone invisible, 466; “Rest of the time I’m invisible” 467; “But either Moss Gatlin wasn’t there or he was choosing to stay invisible” 471; invisible guardians, 484; flowing out of the invisible unknowability of men, 484; less visible attentions of the Okhrana, 496; some invisible bulb or seed, 496; making visible the flow of the breezes, 506; tipping an invisible hat, 512; secret identity invisible to the average passenger, 515; into and out of invisibility, 516; not a soul visible, 517; Kit had reached a sort of invisibility, 519; invisible to all but those for whom they played, 522; forces semi-visible, 529; waves thudded on the invisible strand, 529; riding Torpedo invisibly, 531; “Let’s all go to the Casino!” someone invsible screamed, 536; invisible ink, 541; invisible forces less nameable, 542; canal visible by day, 546; somewhere invisible in the dark, 546; invisible hand pulling a switch, 546; invisible opening to climb through, 547; “Nowadays we just grow more and more invisible” 549; city hidden behind what was visible here, 551; invisible powers, 558; visible at the edges of the screen, 572; whole invisible world, 575; pistols visible beneath jackets, 581; invisible world, angels, 603; other plan of existence, close but just invisible, 610; Invisibilism, a school of modern archetecture, 625; the more rational in design the less visible in appearance, 625; in extreme cases becoming nearly invisible, 625; it’s like invisibility, 627; invisible hatbrim, 629; a load bearing statue was visible, 632; invisible moon, 638; residences faintly visible, 639; voices invisible out in the oil-reek, 639; invisible destiny, 650; “it happens to become visible as the Tatzelwurm”, 655; pinnacles without visible access, 662; new piece of the spectrum beyond visible light, 670; all but invisible, 682; structural principle leaps into visibility, 689; as if holding an invisible fescue, 690;

Book IV– invisible piano student, 716; cloak of invisibility, 716; visibly erect penis, 721; invisible city, 735; invisible parasol, 739; invisible masses for the souls of the wrecked, 740; grasping invisible reins, 741; billowing like cloaks flourished by sleepless masqueraders, Giudecca invisible, 746; silent and invisible, 750; entire visible world, 751; invisible but felt, 753; actual invisibility, 756; they can turn invisible at will, 758; invisible birds, 762; invisible before hitting the ground, 770; oceangoing ships unmanned by visible crews, 784; perhaps there really is a flute player but he’s invisible, 786; invisible weight, 788; just visible plume of steam, 789; invisible functionaries in fur hats, 790; invisible streets, 792; the streets were all visible, 793; the sacred city had lain invisible, 793; unable to count on invisibility, 793; visible sky, 794; moving invisibly on its own track, 796; Austrian townsfolk visible at the moment, 810; outward and visible metaphor, 811; “free choices” invisibly traveled over, 811; death invisible and everywhere, 835; invisible storm, 835; side of valley often invisible, 838; firearms, visible and otherwise, 841; railway not yet built invisible across snow, 842; “To Find the Invisible Gateways”, 853; invisible horsemen and gunshots, 854; knot of gunmen visible, 856; cemetery of San Michel visible, 860; the ancient maps showed that what was visible from the entrances amounted only to a fraction of the entire works… the maps were like visions of the prophets… outward and visible notation for what lay within, 860; door usually kept invisible, 860; communal will, invisibly exercised, 868; Cyprian… became invisible, 871; Cyprian all but invisible, 876; the Mask’s desire was to be invisible, 880; invisible within her celebrated beauty, 905; corridors not always visible, 905; invisible city, 911; biplane became visible, 927; everywhere but invisible, 928; a stream invisible to everybody else, 929; Estrella looked through him as if he were invisible, 929; agreeing to work in silence and invisibility to preserve their Anarchist fiction, 934; silent invisible gas clouds, 936; mapped on crossed invisible threads, 952; an invisible offering, 956; God is invisible, 960; invisible, imponderable medium, 961; ancient darkness embedded invisibly, 964; footfalls of invisible angel, 966; shells were visible, 966; Chums of Chance invisibly but attentively keeping an eye, 969; invisible conveyance, 972; anarchist life and its promise of a greater invisibility, 976; Anarchist remit invisible, 977; seeming visibly to relax, 978; brain outward, visible expression of Mind, 992; barely-visible line, 1002; moving somewhere just visible, 1019; visibility only marginally improved, 1020; nowhere immediately visible, 1022; the sum clearly visible, 1028; an invisible repetition of material terrain, 1029; stoves lit invisibly, 1032; invisible under pile of stuff, 1037; somewhere invisible outside the edges of the dream flowed perhaps unlimited power, 1055; child clearly visible through melting ice, 1056; invisible hatbrim, 1061; invisible air, 1061;

Book V —: “I was plainly visible to all” 1079; a vector, through the invisible, to postwar Paris, 1082; Their motto was “There, but Invisible”, 1083; invisible sources of gravity rolling through like storms, 1084; like an approaching rainstorm, but invisible, 1085.

Related: “empty space but inhabited” 20; “somewhere ahead too dark to see” 22; “Fairgoers would see the ship overhead and yet not see it” 36; “not exactly invisibility” 44; the wish to suddenly disappear, 68; unseen electrical events, 98; exist alongside our own world and not be seen, 134; ultimate destination impossible to see, 146; difficult to make out clearly, 152; unseen occupants, 160; observable world, 208; a swarming half seen, half heard, 301; sensed yet hidden, 302; far edges of his visual field, 323; scarves emerging from empty air, 511; couldn’t see the skyship but knew it was there, 549; the seen world they were trying to redeem, 744; they set up villages no one else could see, 785.