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Russian Christ

December 25, 2015

The bay that the world’s largest bridge crosses is called the Jiaozhou bay.

Dostoevsky’s ideal of the Russian Christ, of Russian service to the world: a country whose job it was to serve the world, a country that was a servant to the world of nations like Christ to the world of people (could a Christ-like nation be more achievable than a Christ-like individual, can a nation seek to embody the spirit of love, could Russians collectively actually become Christ? Are we all Russians?)

Kierkegaard had said that his genius was not equal to that of an apostle: what was his view exactly.

Can you identify, on a map, the gulf of Taranto? The Gulf of Taranto is between the heel and the boot of Italy. Also, Sicily is separated from mainland Italy by the Straight of Messina.

But what is the body of water between the northern coast of Africa and Sicily called? (the body of water between Africa and Sicily is called the Straight of Sicily)

Someone said that the difference between a peninsula and a cape was that the latter had two sides and the former had three. Thus it was not, for example, The Peninsula of Good Hope. (Is this true?)

The Russian Christ. (What if we, of one nation, were to utterly give ourselves to another nation? Not to the people per se but to the idea of that nation’s purpose. Could it be done, what would that mean?) Related: what if it were the obligation of one nation to elect the leadership of another nation, if all nations were required to have elected leadership but no nation was allow to elect leaders itself?