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Year in Review/ Language, Shapes, “Notes”

December 12, 2016

French: Le gisement lui-même, (*) Ces hécatombes de régiments anéantis, Swann’s Way Water Lily Passage

Greek: λιαρός, Eumenides 746, Iliad 18.98, Crito 51c– 52δnever right to do wrong or requite wrong with wrong, Agamemnon, 88-91. καὶ κηρὸς καὶ πίττα καὶ κόκκος καὶ μίλτος, Iliad 6.301, Agamemnon, 92-96, Libation Bearers 505-507

Spanish: El trabajo sería

English: Valance Corbeil Cully Halloo

Latin: Wild Olive Tree (Ovid)

N-Grams Viewer: Meteoric Rise of ‘Robust’, ‘ground zero

Quotes: My Life, Swimming, a “devotee of equality” (Plato), Uncle Dick Postnatural from Federalist Papers 37 (*) * To be bad and to enjoy it

Shapes: 9/9 , 8/31, 6/ 19 * * * * *

Notes: a part of what I thought (editing needed) (page turning) running (legs as vials) knowledge and art pains programme to ‘A Leg Up’, Altars called for Nietzsche note *

Concordances: ‘Brown‘ in On The Road. Sun and Stars in Romeo and Juliet. Time in A Strange Commonplace [NOTES about this]

Year in Review / Various Shapes

December 3, 2016

Short story like: Grove ; Knees and Hands: are the gates ; A Leg Up; Form and Perform. Perhaps They Do. ; Trivial Questions; The Time Was 11 am ; WLK

Poem like: walking while hearing car alarm ; curtains around steam; Fresher and Fresher Paint ; bags of aeolous ; stained red end cushion; a granule

Absurd: To Cup (i) ; that’s so stupid but

A study: I didn’t intend to do any “projects” this year but inadvertantly arrived at a spot near a “project” into which I was subsequently sucked : Time in ‘A Strange Commonplace’.

Ces hécatombes de régiments anéantis

December 2, 2016

Proust: “Ils pensaient, en effet, à ces hécatombes de régiments anéantis, de passagers engloutis, mais une opération inverse multiplie à tel point ce qui concerne notre bien être et divise par un chiffre tellement formidable ce qui ne le concerne pas, que la mort de millions d’inconnus nous chatouille à peine et presque moins désagréablement qu’un courant d’air. ”

Andreas Mayor: “They thought certainly of these hecatombs of regiments annihilated and passengers swallowed by the waves; but there is a law of inverse proportion which multiplies to such an extent anything that concerns our own welfare and divides by such a formidable figure anything that does not concern it, that the death of unknown millions is felt by us as the most insignificant of sensations, hardly even as disagreeable as a draught.”

December 1, 2016

Libation Bearers 505-507 (English):

παῖδες γὰρ ἀνδρὶ κληδόνες σωτήριοι
θανόντι: φελλοὶ δ᾽ ὣς ἄγουσι δίκτυον,
τὸν ἐκ βυθοῦ κλωστῆρα σῴζοντες λίνου.