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Mark 13:11

April 30, 2018

και οταν αγωσιν υμας παραδιδοντες, μη προμεριμνατε τι λαλησητε, αλλ’ ο εαν δοθη υμιν εν εκεινη τη ωρα τουτο λαλειτε · ου γαρ εστε υμεις οι λαλουντες αλλα το πνευμα το αγιον.

προμεριμνατε < προμνεριναω, worry ahead of time.

And when they lead you to be handed over, do not prepare what you will say, but speak that which is given to you in that hour; for it will not be you that speaks but the holy spirit.

April 29, 2018

Script to Beckett’s “Play” / / de La Comédie humaine . . De Profundis 0 0 rimbaud ‘ // ART BY AFRICAN AMERICANS AT THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS IN BOSTON””The Man on the Dump ”’ Shooting of Laquan McDonald/ Voyage en Espagne… The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history


VOX // Fun fact: On April 21, 2017, National Grid (the UK’s grid manager) reported that the country’s energy system had gone its first full day without any use of coal since the Industrial Revolution.

April 28, 2018

“L’article de Lemaître est charmant, mais les pages de Flaubert ont plus de lest.” [PROUST, letter]

April 27, 2018

D’ailleurs, le commandant Farragut parlait d’une certaine somme de deux mille dollars, réservée à quiconque, mousse ou matelot, maître ou officier, signalerait l’animal.…[1.4] Verne mentions Moby Dick earlier by name, but this is the first detail that suggests it to me as an important influence for 20,000. (The next such detail is Ned Land / Queequeg) Wikipedia: Moby Dick Coin.

April 26, 2018
ingsi. sad
I w i r i f
c th u t t
a a n h h
s sps s e
t on ou
rrida bashitru Mar
gUAr dnnelS o-da
gUAr dnnelS o-da
ar mad os armados The Se e’rThe See’rThe See’rT he See’rThe See’r
de””; “”; “”; “”; “”; “”; “”;da
……………………….la””; “”; “”; “”; “”; “”; “”;um>tombolo (x);
>s””; “”; “”; “”; “”; “”; “”;C
enfrentamientos armados
rrida bashitru Mar
ingsi. sad

April 25, 2018

Raskolnikov lives in a state of mind in which nothing is quite real and everything is hypothetical. Completely abstracted from his surroundings, he has long been “so completely absorbed in himself” that he has fallen into extreme slovenliness. He spends his time dreaming of theories and what it would be like to commit a crime based on them. Strictly speaking, it is not crime that fascinates him, but the possibility of it. The possible is what is most real to him….Gary Saul Morson

April 24, 2018

The glint from the car window calls for my attention . the woman’s figure and the toss of her head calls for my attention . the momentary but surprising irritation in my hip calls for my attention . . . but what is there not calling for my attention? That is what needs my attention… (8)

April 23, 2018

r.m h.n
e..o…….. i………..n
h……r……… p….e
T………d………. aj
E……..r……….. p……..c
G…..i………… e…….c
O……h………. r..t
The last doge was Ludovico Manin,
who abdicated in 1797, when
Venice passed under
the power of

April 22, 2018

Prediction that the non-standard English of the computer and the non-standard English of Modern English poetry will at some point meet like the French and Saxon languages. (Very unlikely.)

(That computer language and English will meet to form (i) an already existing human language that is about to become extinct (ii) a complex math we can all understand.) Not likely.

Idea that courage, though the word is archaic in feel, involves display whereas cowardice, also with an unintended overtone, involves the incapacity or reluctance to display.

(And how fantasy is a kind of obverse of display…. Is fantasy a sort of being disiplayed inside oneself? Not likely)

avoir beau,I’m told, meanwhile, is a French expression

April 20, 2018

Pindar Olympian 1.108-111:

[…] εἰ δὲ μὴ ταχὺ λίποι,
ἔτι γλυκυτέραν κεν ἔλπομαι
σὺν ἅρματι θοῷ κλεΐξειν, ἐπίκουρον εὑρὼν ὁδὸν λόγων
παρ᾽ εὐδείελον ἐλθὼν Κρόνιον

[English] (Κρόνιον equals Hill of Kronus) [*]

An ignorance truly bovine

April 19, 2018

All branches of learning have thus been so much enlarged that he who would “do something” has to pursue no more than one subject and disregard all others. In his own subject he will then, it is true, be superior to the vulgar; but in all else he will belong to it. If we add to this that neglect of the ancient languages, which is now-a-days on the increase and is doing away with all general education in the humanities—for a mere smattering of Latin and Greek is of no use—we shall come to have men of learning who outside their own subject display an ignorance truly bovine.On Men of Learning, Arthur Schopenhauer.